About Us


20+ years. 150+ clients. 1000+ successful projects
Making the web work for business worldwide.

We are a web services company. This is what we do...



We build websites and web based applications that are relevant to a client's needs. These encompass static websites, dynamic e-commerce platforms, interactive web applications, web based tools such as documentation systems, content management systems, online surveys, among others.



Having built the application we then deploy them to appropriate web servers. These could be owned and managed by our clients, owned by our clients but managed by us, or owned and managed by us entirely.



The web environment is constantly changing. We make use of web analytics extensively to ensure that the performance of the website or tools is optimum across all facets, be it - technologically, in terms of user experience, and from a perspective of the end business result the application is expected to deliver - in short, complete solutions that will add value to our client's businesses and bottom lines.

So much so that some of our clients allow us to manage their web applications and online activities on an ongoing basis, on grounds of efficiency delivered. To get the advantages of our knowledge base as well as reap the efficiencies of scale economies.



Above all, as we have learnt time and again, any web initiative needs to achieve the hard realities of business goals. To ensure that our clients get a satisfactory return on their investment we offer the complete gamut of online marketing activities that enable our clients' profit from the web.

The Rage Edge

The Rage Edge

At Rage, clients can expect a complete offering based on the underlying business realities of our clients. Thus we blend the insights of consulting with the rigour of execution across the multiple business functions and skills that a truly rich web experience requires. These disciplines cut across business analysis, communications, user experience, graphic design and technology.

We take great pride in the fact that we work across all possible permutations and combinations that the World Wide Web offers and are not limited by the just one facet of the Internet.

Thus we work across the spectrum of:

Web platforms: Web design, widgets, microsites, apps... you name it, we do it

Eco-systems: World Wide Web, blogs, social media networking platforms

Devices: We work across the entire range of devices that can access the Internet - desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, passive devices...

Technologies: We are completely technology agnostic and have developed competencies in all the web technologies

  • Web Development: LAMPS, Dot Net, Java
  • Mobile: iOS, Symbian, Windows for Mobile, Android
  • Content Management Systems: Interwoven, Sharepoint, Drupal
  • UI Technologies: All evolutions of HTML, CSS, Flash, Silverlight

Moreover, nearly our own staff provide all of our services and only non-core activities (such as photography, translation, etc.) are out-sourced.

Company Milestones

  • 2012
    Opened office in Singapore
  • 2010
    Opened office in Sydney
  • 2009
    Opened office in Mumbai
  • 2007
    Initiated marketing operations in Australia
  • 2005
    Extended relationship with Citibank
  • 2003
    Initiated relationship with Citibank
  • 1996